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BN-PLM can be systematically stored, searched, referenced, and utilized on LifeCycle from the creation of drawings/documents to disposal.
It is a powerful drawing/document management system.

System configuration

Main function

Drawing search management

Search and check of detailed information of LIST registered in drawing
Infor PLM - 도면 검색 관리

Drawing information retrieval

■Search the DB registered as drawing information according to the search condition, and check the drawing 2D/3D detailed information
■Search by condition of drawing classification, drawing classification, person in charge, Part Number/Part Name, Revised reason, Registration person etc.

Drawing Number and PART Linkage System

Management an article of top quality
Infor PLM - 도면번호와 PART 연계 체계
Drawing information management

■Multi registration management of reference drawings, images, pdf, etc.
■Manage daily, multiple daily, and map-specific Upload/Download history

Drawing electronic payment

Revision Management through Drawing Electronic Payment
Drawing electronic payment request

■Revision Decision Method in Drawing: Revision Management through Revision Burton and Electronic Payment
■Generation and distribution of Revision Code through Electronic Payment

Automatic E-Mail notification

automatic E-Mail notification when electronic payment or design change

E-Mail automatic management

■In case of electronic payment, E-Mail notification of electronic payment progress and result contents
■E-Mail function (automatic display of E-Mail reception/sender information and some contents) during drawing registration and revision

Drawing Access Status / Connection Terms and Recovery

Received drawing access and download times limit
Manage drawing distribution / Access Restriction and download recovery

■Deploy/Send to other departments (distributed as partner IDs if necessary), access and managing the number of downloads per person/time management
■The present condition of receiving status management, the history of using the originating data, the present condition of drawing open, access IP, time management

Remote/ Supporter drawing access

Drawing Distribution/Received Partner Access
Infor PLM - 원격지/협력사 도면접근

Remote/Supporter Drawing Distribution Management

■Department/Public Partner Registering Functions for Partners : Unlimited Entries to Identify Partners
■Allow access to a separate ‘Supporter’ menu when accessing a partner

Design change history management

Registration and distribution of EO/ECR items
Infor PLM - 설계변경 이력관리

Design change management

■Computational Creation and Application Management of Design Change Request (ECR), Design Specification (EO), and Design Change (ECO) Notification

Integrated Design Change History Information

Integrated Change Information with EO Center

Integrated Design Change History Information

■The component information, drawing information, technical document, technical file, distribution history, reception status, BOM
■A system for automatic connection processing of change history based on EO information through computer management

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