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Infor CloudSuite Industrial(SyteLine) is a very efficient process integration through successful manufacturing cases for the purpose of improving productivity. This is a powerful ERP solution that introductions greatly improve customer ordering needs, delivery schedules, and tracking of resources. In addition, you can adapt quickly to complex supply chain changes and reduce over-inventory while delivering your products in time to your desired specifications. In addition to basic operational work, we will be able to quickly put new products into the market more aggressively, and have a comparative advantage with our competitors.


Infor SyteLine is applied to vehicles and parts, metal processing, industrial facilities, machinery, high-tech electronic devices and other industries, to improve customer service, accounting transparency, and overall production efficiency.
Infor SyteLine offers a complete package that integrates the advanced features and tools needed to improve the following business management:

■Managing Sales and Customer Relationships
■Managing Production
■Supply chain
■Inventory management
■Service Management
■Quality control

Infor SyteLine is a professional ERP solution developed and developed by experts with more than 30 years of industry experience.
Infor SyteLine uses a variety of smart features to cope with the major issues and challenges facing today’s manufacturing industry to reduce the number of people involved in construction, shorten the introduction period, and manage it with less IT resources.

Recover ROI early and provide low TCO over a long period of time. From sales to procurement, production, and delivery, Infor SyteLine can visualize enterprise-wide activity and automate major business processes.


The Mongoose development framework built into Infor SyteLine, which allows you to apply your work to ERP solutions, not to meet rigid processes and procedures.
High development and large number of people entering and coding may be dramatically reduced when other ERPs are introduced.
Infor SyteLine is a solution that can be tailored to and easy to use.

The main features of Infor SyteLine are:

■Support for mixed mode production in various production methods such as MTS, MTO, ETO, CTS, and repetitive production – Accelerate the mixed mode production process and respond quickly to customer needs.

■Complex product configuration – enabling the configuration of products with various options from order to order, not only responding to customer needs, but also ensuring the feasibility of the production department.

■Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) – Since it continuously monitors demand and quickly updates production schedules when demand occurs, it can predict production-capable inventory accurately and in real time and provide it to customers.

■Materials · Inventory management – Automatically compute and monitor inventory forecasts, safety inventory, and order size, and minimize inventory while avoiding inventory excesses and shortfalls.

■Customer Management – Manages sales processes efficiently from sales opportunities discovery to tracking, from transition to potential customers to the time customers win orders.

■Each sector’s role-based information – customer service and accounting, production planning, and other tasks, using a dashboard that represents the most relevant data and actions, can be made based on information more quickly and efficiently.

■Providing advanced UX – With user UI/UX, which can be easily customized for a particular industry, team, or user without the help of IT, information can be obtained at the time of need.

■Mobile solutions for warehouse logistics – Infor Warehouse Mobility allows warehouse personnel to access the ERP system. Complete automation of major business processes allows you to reduce costs, increase revenue, and extend ERP functionality to special modules such as pallet management.

■Microsoft-based systems – Reduce the time required for system application, customization and education with familiar development, management tools and features.

■Flexible construction options – Infor SyteLine offers customer installation base and Cloud.

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Differentiation Factors of Infor SyteLine

With For SyteLine, you can immediately access all the information you need and make the necessary decisions quickly.
If there is Infor SyteLine, you can expect the following corporate capabilities :

■It strongly supports manufacturing, logistics, and business processes and functions, from individual production to order design sequence, repetitive production, and service-based production.
■The functions of large ERPs are faithful to the core processes and functions that are practically necessary for business.
■You can create models for each site on a multisite and integrate them into an organization.
■It takes one to two years to introduce a competitive solution, on average, in 4 to 6 months.
■The self-development framework is efficient for builders and customers to develop and maintain.
■It offers flexible construction options for both on-premise, cloud, or both orms, and allows you to use the same features perfectly in any way you choose.

CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) – ERP for Manufacturing

CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) offers an end to end ERP solution with modern functionality built to meet the needs of both discrete and process manufacturers so you can stay competitive in today’s climate.

Infor ERP - CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) - ERP for Manufacturing
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