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Based on over 30 years of experience and ongoing innovation, Infor EAM clearly shows what strategic asset management is.
Infor EAM provides all the tools needed to address important asset performance challenges.
Infor EAM provides the information needed to make better strategic decisions, from asset structure and work order to mobile, barcoding and GIS functions, to extend asset life and improve safety and profitability.

Specialization by Industry, Best Reliability

Infor EAM, which provides industry-specific versions, supports achieving competitive advantage through asset management of an organization, while meeting specific industrial requirements.
Infor EAM is built on the Amazon Web Services platform, so it can keep the utilization rate very high and provide flexibility in response to changing demand. And, it has the advantage of adding computing capability whenever necessary. And or the things are should be a materials management and they do the HR service and version management finally they do the provide present real resources pattern

Core Module of Infor EAM

■Asset management).
– Record, manage, structure and standardize acid information. Identify, configure, structure, all technical and commercial configurations of physical assets, current locations (by location, department or tag) and past location and maintenance details.
Including : Asset depreciation, structure, inventory, description and history information, guarantee and claim, start center and KPI, linear assets.

■Work management.
– Manage, plan, and monitor resources required for task and completion of work. Generates general, regular, PM task orders and schedules, and defines work information such as administrators, licenses, qualifications, staff, move, tools, checklists, and so on.
Including : Work Order Generation and Schedule Management, Work Configuration, Schedule Management and Completion, HR Management, Purchase Order Tracking, Preventive Maintenance, Call Center, Delay Maintenance, Staff, Path, Multi-asset Work Order, Maintenance Patterns and Campaign, Reliability and Version Management.

■Materials management.
– Determine the appropriate inventory level to provide appropriate levels of parts and supplies to meet the predicted demand through maintenance. Minimize operational capital invested in parts and supplies inventory, and automate storage management, purchase requests, product receipt and return, parts repair, and record management.
Including : Material configuration, inventory supplementation, warehouse problems and return, inventory arrangement record, product receipt and return, repairable spare goods, material analysis, component status, inspection, failure, warranty, product group level.

■Procurement management.
– Manages all aspects of the purchase cycle, including creating, authorizing, selecting suppliers, issuing purchase orders, and receiving products through invoice matching. Ensures the selection of eligible suppliers and ensures optimal prices and delivery conditions.
Including : Buy request creation, quote request, purchase order, invoice voucher, contract.

■Budget management.
– Automate the budget generation process, and automate subsequent understanding, supervision, management and analysis of expenditures associated with maintenance operations. Calculates various financial and performance indicators that act as important corporate performance measures.
Including : budget configuration, expenditure and position identification, capital planning requests.

■Inspiration management.
– Simplify the inspection path formation, specific measurement points for each asset, measurement target side and result survey; and connect the asset management module to the task management module for listing and generating the task order.
Including : Check plan and configuration, risk-based check, checkpoint schedule management, classification and results, checklist.

■Project management.
– Automate management of the entire project process from initial budget and time planning to final work completion. You can easily compare the actual status, progress, resource utilization, and cost of your work based on your project plan.
Including : Project planning and configuration, Project budgeting, calendar management and execution, Microsoft Project interface.

– Use EAM’s system architecture to exchange, update, and share information between for EAM and external software systems.

■Asset management services.
– Track all costs caused by services provided to customers, including maintenance costs, fuel costs, equipment fees, rents, and public service fees. Automatically include various costs in the periodically generated invoice.
Including : Customer Contract, Rent Contract, Contract Template, Coordination, Customer, Customer Invoice, Invoice Publishing Process.

■Safety management.
– It protects people and environments by identifying and managing all dangerous situations, materials, and activities; and complying with HSE (health, safety, and environmental) regulations.
Including : Risk, Caution, Safety, Sequestration Point, LOTO (lock out/tag out), Lockbox, Work Permission Setting, Permission, Work Permission.

■Reports. Over 200 pre-production reports support all modules within Infor EAM, from management and assets to budgeting and inspection.

High-end module

– Track calibration data for equipment categories, assets, systems, and positions. Define test point data and connect the test point set to the task order and the preventive maintenance (PM) task order.

– Tracks calibration data for equipment categories, assets, systems, and locations. Define test point data and connect the test point set to task order and preventive maintenance (PM) task order.

■Geographic Information System(GIS) Interface.
– The intuitive interface of Infor EAM and the complete GIS integration work together to specify assets before service provision, access critical information, streamline the workflow of scattered equipment, and easily view asset locations and details. This helps increase employee efficiency and reduce costs.

■Infor EAM Analytics.
– All data can be viewed at a single point of view, regardless of the number of data sources. Infor EAM, we collect asset data, analyze data, create scenarios about “specific situations,” predict future performance, make better business decisions based on sufficient information, optimize assets, and improve overall productivity.

■Infor EAM iProcure.
– Plan your work via the Internet, track the use of parts, manage inventory levels, and replenish inventory. Complete the business automation process and handle specific requirements related to industrial parts and service purchases.

■Infor EAM Mobile.
– Enables free access to connected and environmental environments without causing application performance degradation. Access information directly from the work site and collect and manage it to increase productivity and make decisions more effectively.

■Infor EAM Barcoding.
– Design and print labels, streamline asset tracking and movement, warranty activation and updates, job registration, and other features. You can quickly record tasks by assigning barcodes to employees, label standard tasks to quickly access work activities, or label reserve parts barrels to manage warehouses more accurately and efficiently.

■Infor EAM Advanced Reporting.
– Full web-based reporting capabilities enable maximum utilization of data collected by for EAM. You can select from hundreds of predefined reports or create customized reports.

– Improve vehicle performance by handling warranty claims, managing tires and fuel, and by prophylactic maintenance that can increase productivity and reduce costs per mile. With the optional VMRS, all Code Key values are included in the Infor EAM database.

■Energy Performance.
– Energy Star, ASHRAE 90.1, LEED and Energy Performance for standards such as standard ISO 14001, set, monitor, and compare the references for the energy performance of the asset. Monitor energy performance for all forms of energy, including: WAGES (water, air, gas, electricity and steam).

■Electronic Records and Signatures.
– Create an electronic record or “snapshot” for events that occurred in the database and require signatures for the event. PM Version Management and Audit feature tracks all comments about an object, as well as if any insertion, update, or delete occurs for almost all properties in an Infor EAM table. And compare the references for the energy performance of the asset.

■Reliability, Planning and Analysis (RPA).
– Use the associated reliability decision tree used as an input for a custom formula to obtain a figure to determine the reliability rank; determine the reliability score associated with the reliability rank index.

■Alert Management.
– Search for a database of specific data to send emails or create task orders based on analysis of that data. As notifications are sent according to the preset frequency, they are suitable for actions that do not require immediate action.

■Workforce Management.
– Adjust the manpower management process to meet the company’s profit-raising strategy. Handle all important personnel management requirements: planning, scheduling, time and ebb, performance management, compliance with regulations.

Latest Features

■Reservations Calendar.
– Request and schedule equipment records on calendar-type screens; you can move your reservations within the screen in an intuitive, user-friendly way to change the start time and end time.

■Case Management.
– Creates an example automatically or manually on the call center or task order screen. Automatically alert the right person to the event and comply with regulatory requirements to save time and money.

– Track and manage workspace and movement; associate staff, equipment and fixtures with workspace.

■Call Center and Service Request Portal.
– You receive service requests through various means, including phone calls, emails, faxes, and service request portals; you automatically forward to the service desk for immediate processing.

– Access and display to drawings within the Infor EAM, and you can calculate floor area using predefined industrial standards. OpenCAD, which has been available for a long time in Onpremis, is now available to SaaS customers. OpenCAD is included in CloudSuiteTM Facilities Management Operations.

■Intelligent Nonconformity Tracking.
– Quickly identify potential tracking issues over a certain period of time and assign severity or risk levels based on a preset incongruity index. Create detailed documents to facilitate auditing of events such as accidents and to search for them by severity, intensity, scale, and importance.

■Expanded Equipment Ranking.
– Sum up complex processes with user-specific and daily-to-day variables by assigning ratings that take into account factors such as environmental changes, regulations, procedures, and methods. You can introduce consistency, flexibility, and logical levels into the equipment rating process.

■Expanded Transit and Mobility Management.
– Enhances EAM access with unconnected mobile devices to facilitate productivity for users working on-site. Developed on the Apple iOS operating system and designed to be used with the Apple iPad mobile digital device form factor.

Business Innovation

Infor EAM, which provides industry-specific functions for moving your thoughts into action, provides a source of business efficiency. Improving the performance of your assets can reduce costs, increase profitability, and reduce project risk.
Benefits: Customers using Infor EAM reported improved ROI as follows:

■Maintenance, overtime, labor and contractor costs down by up to 50%
■20% reduction in production interruption time
■Recovery of guarantee costs by 50%
■30% reduction in inventory
■20% reduction in inventory holding costs
■Material costs down 10%
■Reduced purchasing process costs by 50%
■20% increase in labor productivity

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