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Infor BI products are a d/EPM* named hybrid Business Intelligence solution that provides tools and features that help you collect, integrate, analyze and express business information. The main features of Infor BI include data navigation, visualization analysis, dashboards that can customize various business reports, and score cards. These features allow you to use them as management planning, budget, forecasting, role-based analysis, and financial connection tools.
Infor-based application data as well as data from various business applications can be integrated to cross-tabulate different data sources.It is a solution that can be applied to various industries such as automobiles, aviation, chemicals, fashion, food and beverages, and distribution.

*d/EPM : dynamic Enterprise Performance Management

Infor BI


Infor d/EPM is a data integration tool, multi-dimensional database engine, web report development tool,
End-to-End solution structure that provides webUI and mobile App.
It includes the following submodular products:

■Infor BI OLAP Server
■Infor BI ImportMaster (Developer/Runtime/SAP)
■Infor BI Office Plus
■Infor BI Application Studio
■Infor BI Dashboard

Main screen

Infor d/EPM provides tools (products) that fit the user’s role, helping to perform tasks optimized for the purpose of BI.

Infor d/EPM differentiation factors

■The excellent performance of high-capacity data by the powerful MOLAP engine of the in-memory base is guaranteed
Supports both properties that allow you to query tables/views directly from a typical database.
■Forecasting and Simulation are possible by inputting data on the web and office (excel) as well as querying and analyzing the data.
■Provides a predefined Dashboard and report template, and enables rapid report creation using the Web and C/S-based report creation tools.
■It offers flexible construction options for both on-premise, cloud, or both forms, and allows you to use the same features perfectly in any way you choose.

Demo screen

Infor d/EPM Product Overview 새창열림

This high-level overview of Infor d/EPM considers how you can respond to performance with key insights.

Infor BI - Infor d/EPM product overview

Infor d/EPM Planner Perspective Demo 새창열림

Overview of d/EPM from a planner perspective. Shows overall navigation and data entry capabilities.

Infor BI - Infor d/EPM Planner Perspective demo

What is Dynamic EPM (d/EPM)? 새창열림

Hear how Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management can help funnel data from enterprise applications into Governance, Risk & Compliance,
Performance Management, and Analytics, all pulling from…

Infor BI - What is Dynamic EPM (d/EPM)?
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